7 of the biggest Sporting Shocks of all-time


The whole reason we tune into watch different sports week on week is to see the best in the world excel at what they do. 

But there is no better viewing in the sport than seeing an underdog triumph over a bigger, wealthier, more world renowned rival, especially if it is done over the course of a Championship or season as opposed to a one off game.

Leicester have achieved the ultimate coup in the 2015/16 Premier League season that will be difficult to ever top, beating 5000/1 odds to lift the trophy.

Here are 7 of the best sporting underdog stories as chosen by me.

Greece (Euro 2004)

Aside from Denmark in 1992, this is the biggest upset in the history of the European Championships. 150/1 outsiders at the start of the tournament, Greece emerged from a group  containing hosts Portugal, favourites Spain and minnows Latvia and from then on there was no looking back.

They went on to defeat France in the quarter-final, the Czech Republic in the semi-final and secure a 1-0 victory over Portugal in the final to cap off what was an amazing achievement in only the country’s 2nd ever appearance at the Finals.

All the more remarkable given the team had no superstars, only 8 players who played outside of the Greek league and a coach, Otto Rehhagel who masterminded another great underdog story in leading Kaiserslautern to the Bundesliga 7 years previously.


Phil Taylor (BDO World Championship 1990)

Many of you will know Phil “The Power” Taylor as the most decorated player in the history of professional Darts. What you might not know is that he was a 125/1 unseeded outsider when he won his first of 16 World Championships in 1990.

Entering the tournament having only won the Canadian Open in 1988 and being sponsored by friends and fellow players to travel round to tournaments before this. Taylor only dropped 3 sets in 4 matches en route to the final, where he would play mentor and number 1 seed, Eric Bristow. “The Power” destroyed his fellow Englishman 6-1 to kick-off one of the most dominant runs in the history of any professional sport.

In one of the last unified darts World Championships before what is now known as the PDC split from the BDO, Taylor became the biggest under-dog story of the darting world. A fitting triumph for a place in this list.


Goran Ivanisevic (Wimbledon Singles Champion 2001)

Arguably the biggest shock at a Grand Slam in Tennis history, the Croat stunned the world by becoming the first wild card to win the biggest tournament in the game.

Ivanisevic was ranked 125th at the beginning of the event and at odds of 300/1, it was inconceivable that he would be lifting the trophy. But victories over seeds Carlos Moya, Marat Safin, Tim Henman and Pat Rafter in a thrilling 5 set final clinched his only career Grand Slam in what would be his only career singles final at a Grand Slam.

Currently he is the coach of Croat Marian Cilic whom he has led to his only Grand Slam title at the US Open in 2014.

Foinavon (1967 Grand National Winner)

As many people will know, the 40 runner marathon contest at Aintree can turn up some big priced winners, just look at fellow 100-1 winner Mon Mome in 2009.

Foinaven however was the original Cinderella story back in 1967 in one of the most famous renewal’s in history. A 23 horse pile up at the smallest fence on the course (there after named Foinaven in his honour) allowed jockey John Buckingham, who only missed the pile up as they were so far behind, to steer his horse clear of the carnage and go on to win the race at a canter.

The owner, Cyril Watkins had so little faith in the horse, he hadn’t even bothered to go to the track to watch him run. It is one of the most iconic moments in the history of the place and the fact that there’s only been one 100/1 shot win the race since, he takes his place on the list.

Ben Curtis (Open Champion 2003)

Ben Curtis might be the biggest single underdog story in sport if you consider his achievements before and after his major win. Ranked 396th in the World at the time, he has only ever won 5 golf tournaments in his professional career to date.

He entered The Open as a 300/1 shot and carded a final round 69 to come from 2 behind and beat Thomas Bjorn and Vijay Singh by one shot. In doing so he became the first player since Francis Ouimet in 1913 to win his maiden major tournament and he is still the lowest ranked winner of a major since the ranking system began.

Curtis turned professional in 2000 and his highest finish in a major aside from this win was a T-2 in the 2008 PGA Championship. He has currently slipped down to a ranking of 527th having risen as high as 35th following his triumph at Royal St. George’s.


Kaiserslautern (Bundesliga Champions 1997/98)

The original Leicester City occurred almost 20 years ago in the German Bundesliga. FC Kaiserslautern, only promoted from the 2.Bundesliga the previous season, won the league by 2 points from defending Champions Bayern Munich.

Unlike Leicester however, they had splashed a bit of cash following their promotion. They signed Ciriaco Sforza from Internazionale in a great coup for the side along with Bulgarian international Marian Hristov, German winger Andreas Buck, and a young talent called Michael Ballack.

Manager Otto Rahhagel (remember him?)  popularized the phrase “kontrollierte Offensive” or controlled offence. He prefers a grass-roots approach to football, stressing the importance of at least two but mostly three big, strong headers in central defence. This defensive solidity saw them take top spot on on the 4th weekend of the season and never relinquished it. They remain the only club in the history of German football to win promotion to the top tier and follow that up by winning the league and given Bayern Munich’s domestic dominance, it doesn’t look likely that this record will ever be equaled.

St. Louis Rams (Superbowl Winners 1999)

The NFL prides itself on its “draft” system where by the worst team from the previous season gets the choice of the best players coming out of college, theoretically giving them the best chance to win next season.

This very rarely comes to fruition however as much like in football, in takes players time to adapt to the professional game, especially at the skilled positions. The 1999 Rams, their offense dubbed “the greatest show on turf” with Kurt Warner at Quarter-back proved why the motto “any given Sunday” rings true in the NFL. They went into the season projected to be the worst team in the League in previews, even worse than that years expansion team the Cleveland Browns.

They duly went 13-3 in the regular season securing their first playoff appearance since 1989 when the team was in Los Angeles. The Rams and it has turned out to be its one and only Super Bowl win to date. Wins over Minnesota and Tampa Bay brought them to the show and a 23-16 victory over Tennessee gave the 400/1 team at the start of the season, one of the biggest shocks in the history of the NFL.


5 Takeaways from the #NFLDraft2016 Day 2

Day 2 of the NFL Draft for 2016 has drawn to a close in Chicago and from tomorrow on-wards, teams will be getting into the areas of speculative picks which they hope will turn out to be rough diamonds wading in the murky water of the mid-rounds. 

But with all that ahead of us, lets take a look at our 5 takeaways from the second and third round selections:

Conor Cook in a state of free-fall!


Michigan State’s Conor Cook has plummeted in the draft.

If you told me that we would be heading into the fourth round of the draft, that 6 quarterbacks had already been selected and Michigan State’s Conor Cook would still be on the board, I’d have said not possible yet teams have passed on him 98 times so far.

Analyst Jon Gruden went so far as to say that Cook was a first round talent and could even end up being the best QB in this draft down the line. High praise from an evaluator who has met with each of the top quarterback prospects extensively.

This slide is not due to talent or effectiveness, teams judge QB’s on intangibles more so than another other position on the team and the various rumours from anonymous sources regarding Cook’s off the field habits have clearly led to serious character concerns from NFL front offices.

Cook will be by far the most talented player on the board on Saturday and it will be interesting to see who takes a chance on what is already going to be a steal no matter what position he is drafted in from here on out.

Kickers are people too!

Florida State’s Roberto Aguayo is essentially the 3rd highest kicker ever drafted.

Tampa Bay didn’t just select Florida State kicker Roberto Aguayo in the 2nd round, they traded UP 15 places to do it, giving their spots at 76 and 106 to Kansas City in the process.

In draft value, that is the equivalent to drafting at the number 34 slot. WOW. Essentially the Bucs have drafted to lock up a position in the second round that most teams fill with un-drafted free agents Monday morning. Only two kickers have been selected higher than Aguayo, Sebastian Janitowski (17th Overall) and Rob Lee (32nd Overall) but they were back in 2000 and 1986 respectively.

To say this is a surprise is an understatement  its a huge shock and one that given Tampa Bay’s paltry season in 2015, will be scrutinized heavily by local media given that the team is lacking talent at so many position’s that would be perceived as more important to the team.

Take note however, various rule changes on the kick-offs and extra points in the last two seasons have made it more important to have a solid place kicker in the team, could this be the beginning of the trickle down effect of that?

Defense Wins Championships! 

Myles Jack was a consensus top 5 selection before this years draft.

Of the 67 selections made on day two of the draft, 41 of them were defensive players including 22 of the 32 in the second round. That is an astounding 61% and is the highest run on defensive players in the second round in the draft’s common era (began 1967).

This stat was bumped by Myles Jack and Jaylon Smith falling to Jacksonville and Dallas in the second round when if it wasn’t for knee injuries, were a lock to go in the top 5 picks.

This is no surprise given that the NFL is a copycat league and the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks have won the last two Lombardi trophies on the back of devastating pass rushes and ball hawking on the back end.

There is also a noted talent imbalance in this years draft (50 of the top 70 rated players were defensive ones) that will be replicated on the offensive side of the ball in 12 months time, so expect a similarly impressive run on QB’s and WR’s in 2017.


Will this be the year of the Jaguar?

Jags Head Coach Gus Bradley has been making waves at the draft.

Now I am far from suggesting that the Jags will be contending come February but the moves they have made on defense in the last two days mean that I can see them having their first winning season since 2007.

On Thursday, the Jaguars grabbed the best defensive back in the draft, Florida State cornerback Jalen Ramsey. Friday, they drafted Jack — who might have been the draft’s best player before a knee injury hurt his draft position. The Jaguars also drafted defensive end Yannick Ngakoue, a speedy pass-rusher, in the third round.

Add to this that they will be getting back last year’s 1st round choice Dante Fowler Jr. from a torn ACL and they have added 4 young studs to improve a defense that is 2nd in most points allowed since 2010 at 26.1 points per game.

You have to be impressed with the moves head coach Gus Bradley has made and if Blake Bortles can show the continued improvement he displayed in 2015 then it figures to be a breakout year for a franchise in desperate need for some positivity around the stadium.

Roger Goodell just can’t keep his mouth closed! 

Roger Goodell gets set to announce a pick at the 2016 draft.

As per the norm of Draft weekend, Roger Goodell spent his time walking from green room to podium to a torrent of boos from the NFL fans in attendance.

Friday however, he was the subject of a whole new chorus of boos following an answer to a question regarding draft slider Laremy Tunsil. Speaking on ESPN Radio, Goodell said that Tunsil’s social media fiasco Thursday night was “part of what makes the draft so exciting”. Tunsil, of course, fell out of the top 10 of the first round when both his Twitter and Instagram accounts were hacked with damning posts just moments before the draft began.

This has led to heated responses from NFL Players Association chief Eric Winston and NFLPA chief executive director DeMaurice Smith, with the former saying:

“It just shows you that they can care less that this kid’s world just fell apart in a matter of three hours.”

Goodell at times is criticized somewhat unfairly by the media as he is in a lose/lose middle ground between owners and players the majority of the time, but in this case every single boo in that auditorium is richly deserved. In a position like his, a little compassion for the next generation of players who figure to keep your sport as one of the top attractions around the world would go a long way.


5 Takeaways from the #NFLDraft 2016 1st Round


With an eventful first round of the 2016 NFL draft now in the books, it is time for teams to sit down an analyze how they have done, if they have got their number one choice and what they need to look for in the upcoming rounds. 

While they do that, we will look at our 5 takeaways from the first round selections in Chicago.


If someone possesses a video of you doing drugs, pray they don’t post it on social media!

This image was posted to Tunsil’s twitter account moments before the Draft.

This is exactly what happened offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil just moments before the draft began causing him to slide from the possible no.3 pick to San Diego, down 10 spots to Miami at no.13.

While this may not seem like a lot, it is the difference of  a couple of million dollars in a contract to a man who was the consensus number 1 overall pick before the Rams and Eagles went QB crazy last week .

Forced to make a decision on the fly, multiple teams reportedly removed Tunsil from their draft boards entirely. Tunsil for his part,  insisted that the video was taken years ago and that his Twitter account had been hacked.

He did pass all of the pre-draft drug tests so it appears to just be a lesson that if you are an aspiring NFL prospect who is going to do something stupid, do not let someone film it!

Slippin’ and Slidin’

NFL Draft Football

Myles Jack is still waiting in the Green room to be picked.

It was not just Tunsil who saw his stock fall unexpectedly on draft night as 2016 figures to be the year of the slide for many of the analysts pre-draft top prospects.

Myles Jack, a top 5 talent, remains on the board going into the second round along with A’Shawn Robinson, Kevin Dodd, Reggie Ragland and Jarran Reed who all expected to be taken in the first 20 picks when the night began.

Shaq Lawson, another man red flagged because of an injury that will require future surgery, fell to the Bills at 19 in what many regard as a steal.

Liam Treadwell, hailed as the best WR in the draft class, ended up being the 4th wideout off the board, falling into the happy hands of Vikings GM Rick Spielman at 22.

While we can sometimes witness one prospect fall a couple of spots due to  niggling injury or personal misdemeanor, it is highly unusual for so many drops in one round of one draft class.

NFL prospects are not fashion savvy!

Ezekial Jackson donned the NFL red carpet in this slick number.

Ohio State running back Ezekial Jackson caused a stir before the draft even began last night with this ridiculous “crop-top” shirt that paid homage to his patented way of wearing his jersey in college. A look that has subsequently been banned by the NCAA.

Jackson went on to be selected number 4 overall by the Dallas Cowboys and figures to be one of the best players in this draft down the line but here is hoping some veterans take him to town over his fashion sense once he officially enters the locker room in Dallas.

I mean imagine Aiden O’Shea rocking up the the GPA awards in such an outfit. The entire country, let alone the Mayo dressing room, would never let him live it down.


New era in Cleveland!

NFL Draft Football

The Browns selected WR Corey Coleman with the 15th overall pick in the draft.

The Cleveland Browns organisation were doing their best New England Patriots impersonation last night.

New GM Paul DePodesta took a leaf straight out of the Bill Belichick playbook and began to stockpile picks by trading backwards. Having already made a deal with Philadelphia to move from 2 back to 8, DePodesta then moved back a further 7 places to 15 in a trade with Tennessee which sees the team end with two picks in the first and second rounds next year and two in the second round in 2018.

This is a very smart play given that Cleveland have a serious lack of depth in most positions on the roster and this rebuild could take 2 to 3 years even if conducted correctly. The most surprising part of these moves was the fact it all seemed too smart for a generally trigger happy organisation to pull off.

Look no further than draft bust from two years ago Johnny Manziel as evidence of how this organisation usually works on draft day.

Denver may just have nabbed themselves a sleeper QB!

It is a stretch to call anyone who is taken in the first round a sleeper, let alone a quarterback. Yet this is the exact category Memphis’ Paxton Lynch falls into .

Luckily for him he has slid to a franchise who will not expect him to come in and start day one and an organisation that is renowned for developing QB’s. Considering he has never been in a huddle, never been under center, never completed a 5 or 7 step drop he might just have the most upside of any quarterback in the draft 5 years down the line.

If he is given the chance to sit and perfect all of the above skills behind a veteran starter, he already possesses the strongest arm in the class, great physical tools and good awareness in the pocket.

Only having to move up 4 spots to 27 was a snip for Denver as they were originally looking to trade into the 21st overall spot of the Jets to nab their guy and fro a franchise standpoint, it initially looks like they have found an upgrade on free agent loss Brock Osweilier for probably a fifth of the salary. That is always a win in a GM’s eyes.



The Sports Hangout #NFL Mock Draft 2016


The NFL Draft takes place this Thursday night in Chicago and promises to be one of the most unpredictable in recent memory. 

So much has already happened with two blockbuster trades seeing the LA Rams move up to the first overall pick, giving up a lot to swap places with Tennessee in the hope of landing their next franchise QB, similarly the Philadelphia Eagles have moved up to the second overall pick acquiring that from Cleveland.

There are so many permutations and trade possibilities but I’ve had a go at trying to figure out where each team might go with their selection in the first round if nobody else decides to make a trade.

1.  Los Angeles Rams Los Angeles Rams – Jared Goff , QB

The Rams have talent on both sides of the ball, but haven’t been able to find the right signal-caller. Goff is the most “ready now” QB in this draft and has the opportunity to challenge to start this year since running back Todd Gurley and that defense should be able to take some of the pressure off his arm.

2. Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Eagles – Carson Wentz, QB

The Eagles have had their eye on Wentz from the outset. The trade from 13 to 8 was likely made so that they could get into position to make this trade as well. The Eagles have quarterbacks on the roster that will allow the Eagles to bring Wentz along slowly in order to give him the greatest chance to succeed.

3. San Diego Chargers San Diego Chargers – Laremy Tunsil, OT

San Diego need to give Philip Rivers some pass protection. Tunsil might very well be the top talent in this draft and left tackle happens to be a spot where the Chargers could use an upgrade. Tunsil has a shot to be an early Pro-Bowler and become a lynch pin i the rebuilding of that roster in California.

4. Dallas Cowboys Dallas Cowboys – Jalen Ramsey, CB

Dallas could go with Ramsey, Joey Bosa or Ezekiel Elliott here, but Ramsey has rare size and athleticism as a dual-position talent who can step in as a starter at either corner-back or safety, two places where the Cowboys are deeply deficient, so he is the logical selection here.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville Jaguars – Myles Jack, OLB

There’s been a lot of noise about how much they like him. When he was healthy, he played his position maybe better than any player in this draft but the key word in that sentence is when. Jack has had lingering health concerns and there are murmurs that teams are worried he may have as short as a four year career in the pros given his trajectory.

6. Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens –  Deforest Buckner, DE

When the Ravens were riding their defense to AFC Championship games, their solidity was built around domination in the trenches. In the last couple of years they have gotten away from that and they should use this draft to address this issue. Buckner’s a good start.

7. San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers – Ronnie Stanley, OT

Much like the Ravens, when the 49ers were successful, they had Mike Iupati dominating the offensive line. Treant Balke believes in a strong OL. Some people like Stanley better than Tunsil and he will fall to them nicely in this spot. Whoever they have under center is going to need a strong run game to compliment him so this again is a logical pick.

8. Cleveland BrownsCleveland Browns – Ezekiel Elliott, RB

Realistically, my guess it that the Browns try and move this pick once again to a team who covets Elliott, like the Dolphins. But considering my parameters laid out at the start, I will have the Browns taking another shot at drafting a RB in the first round, praying Elliott isn’t Trent Richardson in disguise.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Vernon Hargreaves, CB

The Bucs would love a pass rusher, but they won’t turn down adding one of the top talents in the draft. He will make plenty of plays on the ball and can’t be allowed to fall any further that this spot.

10. New York Giants New York Giants – Leonard Floyd, OLB

The Giants front office love pass rushers. They always have and probably always will. Floyd would allow the Giants a chance to draft a linebacker with tremendous athleticism and range who can also come off the edge on passing downs. This is a win/win for the Giants’ defense.

11.Chicago Bears Chicago Bears – Jarran Reed, DT

The Bears are continuing to seek big, physical players on defense, and Reed is the best run-stuffing DT in the draft. He plays every down with passion and can be a plug and play player for the next 10 years. That is exactly the kind of player every team aims to select with their first round pick.

12. New Orleans SaintsNew Orleans Saints – Sheldon Rankins, DT

I was really impressed by the footage of him at the Senior Bowl. He displayed quickness, and an innate sense of how to disrupt the line of scrimmage. The Saints need help everywhere on the defensive side of the ball and the consensus is that they will attempt to build from the inside out.

13. Miami DolphinsMiami Dolphins – Shaq Lawson, DE

They need to continue to build their defensive line in an effort to beat New England and Shaq Lawson is the best D-Lineman on the board at this stage in the draft.

14. Oakland RaidersOakland Raiders – William Jackson III, CB

Whisper it quietly, the Raiders are building a pretty formidable team. Here they will another add a big, athletic cornerback to a very talented defensive group.

15. Tennessee TitansTennessee Titans – Jack Conklin, OT

The Titans’ drop down from the top spot doesn’t mean they won’t get a good player or fill a need. Protecting Marcus Mariota is still priority No. 1 in Nashville, and Conklin will team with Michigan grad Taylor Lewan to form a “Bad Boys” tandem eager to do just that.

16. Detroit LionsDetroit Lions – A’Shawn Robinson, DT

Big, tough and mean .That is how the like them in Detroit and Robinson certainly fits that bill. He is still a work in progress, but has the physicality and run-thumping ability to replace Suh and Nick Fairley at the interior of that defense.

17. Atlanta FalconsAtlanta Falcons – Reggie Ragland, ILB

Atlanta’s defense is lacking in a lot of areas but the linebackers may just be the weakest group. Ragland figures to bring a high motor and good tackling ability to a defense seriously deficient in both areas.

18. Indianapolis ColtsIndianapolis Colts – Eli Apple, CB

The Colts avoid their need at the offensive line and elect to upgrade the secondary instead. Apple is a hard nosed corner with a great eye for an interception and can become an integral part of a young and improving Colt defense.

19. Buffalo BillsBuffalo Bills – Robert Nkemdiche, DT

Buffalo needs a pass rush. Too often last season Rex Ryan saw his opponents wide reciever’s locked down on the back end only for a lack of pressure on the QB to allow players to get open after prolonged exchanges down the field. He fills an immediate need by taking Nkemdiche.

20. New York JetsNew York Jets – Paxton Lynch, QB

Paxton Lynch has outstanding size and arm talent, but he will need some time to develop. Something which he may or may not get with Gang Green, but they will take him anyway. New York demands much of its quarterbacks, just ask Gino Smith. But given time and good coaching, Lynch will make a good mid level signal caller in this league.

21. Washington RedskinsWashington Redskins – Laquon Treadwell, WR

Did Treadwell blow anyone away with his pedestrian 40 time at his pro day? No. However, my guess is that Jay Gruden and company will absolutely love his ball skills and highly competitive nature. Treadwell can come in and start right away.

22. Houston TexansHouston Texans – Will Fuller, WR

Well, putting a position other than WR here was fun while it lasted. With Darron Lee coming off the board earlier in this mock, we’ll default back to the speed option on the outside opposite DeAndre Hopkins. Fuller would be another toy for new QB Brock Osweiler.

23. Minnesota VikingsMinnesota Vikings – Josh Doctson, WR

Vikings fans seem convinced the team would have no interest in guys with questionable hands, which would rule out Will Fuller and Corey Coleman. I, however, believe Fuller would be squarely on their board if available. Regardless, Doctson gives Teddy Bridgewater a big, consistent threat with amazing hand strength and body control.

24. Cincinnati BengalsCincinnati Bengals – Corey Coleman, WR

The Bengals see three receivers go right in front of them, but are left with one of the most explosive deep-ball options in this draft. While an anchor in the middle like Jarran Reed would also fit nicely here, we’ll give the Bengals another weapon.

25.Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers – Artie Burns, CB

The secondary continues to need help, and guys who can run, tackle and make plays. This Hurricane has the gifts to do all of those things. He will be needed to deal with some scary receivers in the AFC North.

26. Seattle SeahawksSeattle Seahawks – Le’Raven Clark, OT

Sure, Clark has some gaping holes in his pass protection that will take some time and coaching to smooth out, but he has rare physical traits and enough upside that he could step in and start early on for the Seahawks, especially when you consider that Russell Wilson has the talent to cover up for inconsistent protection.

27. Green Bay PackersGreen Bay Packers – Andrew Billings, NT

The Packers have yet to replace B.J. Raji and Billings will be an upgrade on what is a relatively weak interior defensive line at the moment. A great ability to stuff the run would see him go higher but slight weight concerns are putting a couple of teams in the high teens off.

28. Kansas City ChiefsKansas City Chiefs – Kevin Dodd, DE

If there is one thing Andy Reid learned in Philadelphia is that you can never have too many pass rushers. That is a mentality that he has brought west and he adds to that mix in Kansas City by taking Kevin Dodd.

29.Arizona Cardinals Arizona Cardinals – T.J Green, FS

Every year you get one player who takes a flier in the run up to the draft and Green may just be this years, his draft stock is soaring and he could even surge higher that this as many teams believe he could make a seamless conversion to corner at the next level. That potential to cover two positions makes him a real sleeper to move higher up the board on draft day.

30. Carolina PanthersCarolina Panthers – Jason Spriggs, OT

Few offensive linemen have helped themselves during the postseason as much as Spriggs has with a strong Senior Bowl week followed by a memorable combine workout. Carolina has got to find a “tackle of the future” and Spriggs will check most of the boxes.

31. Denver Broncos Denver Broncos – Chris Jones, DT

His stock keeps rising in the eyes of the public, but the league already knows that he can be an explosive inside rusher and can aid Derek Wolfe in keeping the edge pass-rushing lanes open for Von Miller, DeMarcus Ware and Shane Ray.