Pep Guardiola bans WIFI at Etihad training complex to build team spirit!

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A lot is made of both modern coaching methods and indeed modern society. The advent of social media and worldwide wifi has meant that the art of communication and team spirit has been called into question several times with today’s players and it seems Pep Guardiola is a fan of some good old fashioned team bonding.

According to Pablo Zabaleta who was talking to Argentinian outlet TYC Sports, the Catalan manager:

“forces us to have breakfast and lunch together at the club. The internet is cut off, we are held incommunicado. We don’t even use 3G”.

Guardiola has got the in house WIFI disconnected in certain areas of the training complex and even has the 3G signal blocked in a bid to encourage some dressing room banter goes on among his Manchester City team in the hope it builds a unity in players that have been accused of lacking heart in many close matches in the past.

Argentine Zabaleta, is clearly a big fan of Pep and his training methods as he went on to say:

 “You always want and dream to be trained by the best coaches, and today I have the opportunity to work with one of the best,” he said. “Actually, you learn a lot, especially the way you live it. Beyond knowledge, his passion for football.”

Some other small changes the Spanish coach have made include swapping post match pizza’s for a nut-mix combo and insisting all of his squad dine together following every home match at the Etihad. It hasn’t yet been reported if he allows them to use ketchup or not.

He does take diet very seriously however as Samir Nasri will testify. With regular weight checks, if you fail one of these checks you will be forced to work on your fitness away from the first team until you get back to the desired level.

Given his success throughout his managerial career, it is hard to argue with these methods. They seem to be working a treat.


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